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A container for the latest articles written by young scholars dealing with supply chain, logistics, and operations management. New research developments, interesting experiences, and the best ideas from conferences and events all in one place.

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City Logistics for Dummies

In today’s article, I would like to introduce in more detail what was the research topic of my PhD and still is one of the main research threads I follow: urban logistics. Over the years, I have realised how easy it is to underestimate what lies behind the urban delivery of goods. As I always…

A good plan is a good start

As I wrote in the first article of the “Absolute beginners” column, I think that one of the fundamental things for those who start doing research is to learn to manage time well. There are many deadlines in a researcher’s career (conference papers, special issues in journals, project deliverables, doctoral thesis). Therefore, it is necessary…


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