Introducing ourselves and our idea

Welcome to the Young SCholars blog!

This is the first article ever published in this blog, so we thought it would be right to introduce ourselves and our idea.

We are two research fellows at the University of Bergamo (Italy) and young scholars in the fields of supply chain, logistics and operations managements. One might think these fields are strongly connected and intertwined, however we have always struggled to do research together because of our slightly different perspectives.

Nevertheless, we have always wanted to achieve something together and the young SCholars blog represents the perfect opportunity.

But how everything started? As good Italians, over a cup of coffee.

We started to meet every Friday morning at Binomio to talk about teaching, research and common projects. We have always been dreamers and we are struggling to achieve something more from our professional lives, besides what one might selfishly aim.

So we have launched this blog with two main aims:

  • First, to publish our own articles about our researches, experiences and ideas;
  • In the next future, to create opportunities for young scholars, as we are, to publish their own articles and contributing to spread their voices within the field of supply chain, logistics and operations management (see the “Contribute” page for more information).

We hope that our readers will appreciate the young SCholars (if you haven’t understood it yet, it stands for young scholars in the supply chain domain) blog, we will do our best to make it interesting!

And don’t forget to keep updated by subscribing to our newsletter!

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